by Wayne Hinson

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He Is Enough to Find You (1 of 4)
Series: He Is Enough for You
Wayne Hinson
I Kings 17:1-6


I. He Is Enough To Fulfill His Promise
A) He Is Enough To Use Nothing To Fulfill His Promise
B) He Is Enough To Use Nature To Fulfill His Promise
1. He Is God In Command Of The Rain
2. He Is God In Command Of The River
a. There Was Grace In That Creek
b. There Was Goodness In That Creek
c. There Was God In That Creek
3. He Is God In Command Of The Raven
a. He Established The Scene For The Feeding
b. He Established The Supplier For The Feeding
c. He Established The Supply For The Feeding
d. He Established The Sacrifice For The Feeding

II. God Is Enough To Function In Providence
A) Set Your Course By God's Providence
B) Set Your Clock By God's Performance
C) Set Your Countenance On God's Person

Intro: Elijah was just like we were before God came to where we were and found us. Elijah was a nobody, living in a nowhere land, and existing in a no future environment. That is exactly the story of each of our lives before we were gloriously found, graciously favored, and gracefully forevered by the "I Am" of glory. Elijah was living in a pagan world, which strikingly resembles our present day. His culture was deeply entrenched in pagan worship of Baal, which was the fertility god. Sensual, sexual orgies were common place in his society and God hated it to the core. Right in the middle of this godless and hell bound atmosphere, the "I Am" found Elijah and called him out for a special divine mission. God never calls a man out of one place without directions to go to another place. For Elijah, it was the brook of Cherith; for Noah, it was the Ark; for Daniel, it was the lions den; for the three Hebrew boys, it was the fiery furnace; for Ruth, it was Boaz' field; for David, it was Goliath; for Paul, it was a prison cell; for John, it was the Isle of Patmos; and for Jesus Christ, it was a hill called Calvary. There is ...

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