by Wayne Hinson

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He Is Enough to Feed You (2 of 4)
Series: He Is Enough for You
Wayne Hinson
I Kings 17:7-16


I. The Detour Caused By A Dried Up Brook
A) The Bird Stopped Feeding Elijah
B) The Brook Stopped Flowing For Elijah
C) The Blessor Starts Forming Elijah

II. The Doubt Caused By A Depleted Barrel
A) There Was A Command By Which He Obeyed
B) There Was A Challenge In Which He Operated
C) There Was A Confrontation In Which He Overcame
1. Encouragement
2. Enlightenment
3. Excitement

III. The Delight Caused By A Divine Benefit
A) The Bird Was Replaced With The Barrel
B) The Creek Was Replaced With The Cruse
C) The Grace Was Reinforced With The Glory

Intro: In the first message, we discovered that God was enough to find Elijah. We saw how God brought a nobody into a point in history and how God immediately placed hi in the spiritual spotlight. In that first message we saw God in the Bringing, God in the bird, and God in the Brook. We were amazed at the place of promise, the place of provision, the place of providence, the place of power, the place of protection and the place of privilege. The key emphasis of that message was upon the word "there". When God puts you there - God will take care of you there. Elijah, as most of us, had probably become very comfortable and complacent sitting and sleeping by the brook. However, God was about to enroll Elijah in Dry Brook University and then further his education in Empty Barrel Graduate school.

I. The Detour Caused By A Dried Up Brook (vs 7-9)

A) The Bird Stopped Feeding Elijah
We are not told how long Elijah was at the brook Cherith, but he was probably there long enough to take for granted that the raven and the river would continue to show up every morning. But as god would have it, Elijah woke up one morning to discover that the bird was not coming and the brook was not flowing any more. It is not too far fetched to believe that Elijah may have estee ...

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