by Wayne Hinson

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He Is Enough to Form You (3 of 4)
Series: He Is Enough for You
Wayne Hinson
I Kings 17:17-24


I. The Battle Waged By The Enemies Of Faith
A) The Enemy Of Death
B) The Enemy Of Doubt
C) The Enemy Of Discouragement

II. The Building Up Of Elijah's Faith
A) Notice His Calm Inner Faith
B) Notice His Compassionate Outward Faith
1. Supplication
2. Situations
3. Saluation
C) Notice His Conquering Upward Faith

III. The Blessing That Came From Elijah's Faith
A) There Was A Vindicated Man Of God
B) There Was A Validated Message Of God

Intro: In message one, we saw that God was enough to find Elijah. Nobody knew who Elijah was until God found him. In message two, we discovered that God was enough to feed Elijah, even from an empty barrel and an empty cruise. So far, we have seen God in the bringing, in the Bird, in the Brook, and now we see God in the boy. God broke Elijah's flesh at the brook, broke his pride in the barrel, and now God breaks Elijah's self esteem with the boy. God is in the breaking business. A wild horse is of no service until he is broken, and a child of God is of no use to God until he is broken. God births you, then breaks you, the blesses you, and then blossoms you. A wild horse not broken will kick, bite, pitch fits, snort and run aimlessly without a destination. God always perfects us in trials, not in blessings. Your character is mold down in the valley of tribulation, not on the mountain top of victory. No matter if it be the storms of life, He is the master of the sea. No matter if it be the trials of the valley, He is the lily of the valley. Not matter if it dwelling in the dark hills of depression, God still walks the dark hills. This message is about the way God forms our faith. Faith that is untested and untried is not faith at all. In this message we see:

I. The Battle Waged By The Enemies Of Faith (vs 17-18)
Faith is not without it's bitter enemies. The Bible says th ...

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