by Wayne Hinson

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He Is Enough to Furnish You (4 of 4)
Series: He Is Enough for You
Wayne Hinson
Isaiah 43:1-2


I. Salvation Was In The Heart Of God
A) He Breathed Life Into You State
1. A Look At The Source Of That Breath
2. A Look At the Scene Of That Breath
B) He Bestowed Liberation In Your Situation
C) He Brought Longevity Into Your Soul
1. We See A Picture Of God's Kindness
2. We See A Picture Of God's Knowledge
3. We See A Picture Of God's Kinship

II. Sustenance Is In The Hands Of God
A) Water Cannot Drown You
B) Fire Cannot Burn You

Intro: In the three previous messages 1) He is enough to find you; 2) He is enough to feed you; 3) He is enough to form you; we were privileged to observe God's handiwork as He performed miracle after miracle in the life of Elijah. Now as we move into this passage, we are privileged to see the very heart of God as He revealed Himself to Isaiah. We have seen the miracles, but now the Lord God Jehovah allowsus to see His mind. This wonderful and precious glimpse of the heart and mind of God could only be understood with God himself doing the explaining. No power or person has the capacity or the capability to explain God, short of simply repeating what God has revealed about Himself in His inerrant Word. Verse one of our text gives us an unusual look into the intents of the Lord God. From this we can declare:

I. Salvation Was In The Heart Of God

A) He Breathed Life Into Your State ("the LORD that created thee, O Jacob")

1. A Look at the source of that Breath
We might wonder just why God directed this statement to Jacob. The answer lies in the fact that Jacob was a picture perfect example of the carnal man before he met God at Peniel. Before that memorial event took place, Jacob was a skeemster, liar and was filled with self esteem, self pride and self righteousness. We should take note that the particular name of God used here is LORD. That Hebrew name means "Jeho ...

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