by Wayne Hinson

The Certainty of the Christ Child
Wayne Hinson
Luke 1:1-4


I. A Worthy Sovereign To Rule Us
A) His Title
1. A Lovely Name
2. A Lively Reign
3. A Lasting Fame
B) His Throne
C) His Tenure
II. A Woman's Son To Reach Us
A) Supernaturally Born
B) Selectively Born
C) Singularly Born
III. A Wonderful Saviour To Redeem Us
A) A Freedom Sound
B) A Fulfilling Sound
C) A Foundational Sound
1. Removes The Glory Of Self
2. Renders The Gift Of Salvation
D) A Forever Sound

Intro: The word "certainty", as recorded in verse 4, means "freedom from doubt; a clearly extablished fact; definite; fixed; sure to happen; unfailing; assured". In verse 3, Dr. Luke declares that it "seemed good to him to write unto Theophilus, that thou mightest know". This statement coupled with the word "certainty" implies that Luke wanted Theophilus to have a "state of being certain" rather than a moment
or period of certainty. As we began to survey and digest Luke's gospel, keeping in mind his plea for us to be in a state of certainty, there are several things that Luke reveals to us. That Jesus Christ was born a little over 2000 years ago is a historical fact, and we do not need the Bible to know that. But the divine certainty of His birth can only be known through the revelation of God's inspired and inerrant Word. The certainty of who He was, where He came from, what He was to do, and how long His ministry would be, were all predetermined and foreordained by a Holy God in eternity past. There was no searching all over heaven for one who would be Saviour. That fact was never in question. So we now need to concentrate our undivided attention as Dr. Luke sets the stage for all resulting revelation by declaring the certainty of the Christ Child. He shows us"
(Note: This author takes no credit for the three main points. They are not original to me.)
1) A Worthy Sovereign to Rule us
2) A Woman's Son to Reach us
3) A Wonderful Saviour to ...

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