by Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Why Jesus Died!
Dr. J. Vernon McGee

The subject before us, why Jesus died, is not an explanation but it is a declaration. I could only wish that I had the pungent genius of a Paul or the lofty inspiration of a John or the pregnant imagination of a Chrysostom or the scintillating brilliance of an Augustine to present this subject, Why Jesus Died. I am very conscious of the real danger in treating this topic with flavorless and colorless mediocrity. I think it's well acknowledged today and accepted that liberal theology has long since departed from the biblical basis of the death of Christ. But, my friends, all too often biblical Christianity babbles about the death of Christ without the foggiest notion of the true scriptural meaning of His death. There is a danger of treating as commonplace and ordinary the greatest event and the most profound fact in the history of the world: the death of the Lord Jesus Christ upon the cross!

It is said that Hudson Taylor could not preach on the death of Christ without weeping.
I can.

It is said that Hudson Taylor could not listen to a message on the death of Christ without weeping.
You can.

May I say to you today, we who call ourselves Bible believers need to again face up to this greatest of all facts in the history of the world and let it thrill our hearts and be more meaningful to us in these days in which we are living.

It was John Knox, the great Scottish reformer, who said that people can do three things with the crucifixion of Christ and only three. We can deny that it happened, because if acknowledged it would make nonsense of life. Or we can acknowledge it and then decide in consequence that life is meaningless. Or third, we can find in it a clue to a deeper meaning in life than otherwise appears. May the Spirit of God today help us to find the clue to the deeper meaning of life in the death of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Now in order to bring into spiritual focus the scriptural meaning of the death of C ...

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