by Wayne Hinson

Guided Steps to a Godly Sacrifice
Wayne Hinson
Romans 12:1-3

I. Qualifications Of A God Filled Sacrifice
A) Notice The Pleadings Of Paul
1) His Address Is Personal
2) His Action Is Powerful
3) His Aim Is Projected
4. His Affection Is Present
B) Notice The Presentation Of The Person
1) The Offering
2) The Obligation
3) The Operation
C) Notice The Pattern Of The Proposal
1) Restricted
2) Reasonable
3) Rendering
II. Qualities Of A Grace Filled Separation
A) Notice That A Withdrawal Is Obvious
B) Notice That A Working Is Operational
C) Notice That A Will Is Omnipotent
III. Quantities Of A Grace Filled Servant
A) He Has The Light Of Grace
B) He Has A Level Of Good Sense
C) He Has A Life Of Faith

Intro: Very few preachers, or at least those that I have had the privilege of either reading behind or listening to, have ever combined verse 3 with verses 1 and 2. However, verse one deals with what it takes to make a suitable sacrifice of our bodies to the Lord. Verse 2 deals with what it takes to make a solid separation from the life of the world. Verse 3 deals with what it takes to maintain sensible steps that will ensure our success. When we take a broad section of preachers today, we can readily see that the pitfalls of verse 3 is the main reason why they are not in compliance with verses 1 and 2. The fallacy of the days that we are living in, requires a strong sacrifice if one is going to do a work for God. Only those few who have the backbone will survive in these self worshipping days of apostasy. It does not take much to place someone on God's back burner today, because most are on the edge of failure already. As we exposit these three verses, may we examine our lives in the light that they will be judged at the Bema Seat of Christ. May we truly see ourselves as God sees us today. We futher see:

I. Qualifications Of A God Filled Sacrifice (verse 1)

A) Notice The Pleading By Paul ("I beseech ...

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