by Wayne Hinson

I'll Meet You By The River
Wayne Hinson
II Kings 5: 1-15

I. The Man That Had A Case
A) He Had Medals Of Honor
B) He Had Markings Of A Hero
C) He Had Morals In His Habits
D) He Had A Malignancy In His Heart

II. The Message That Stated The Cause
A) It Was A Singular Message Of Providence
B) It Was A Simple Message Of Participation
C) It Was A Solutioned Message For The Problem
1. It Was Settled At The Door Of Announcement
2. It Was Settled In The Declaration Of Atonement
3. It Was Settle In Spite of Discontent And Arrogance

III. The Miracle That Had The Cure
A) There Was The Course That Brought The Miracle
1. This Course Had A Direction
2. This Course Was Divine
B) There Was The Character Behind The Miracle

Introduction: In these days of diverse opinions as to how a person can get to heaven; in these days of so called political correctness; in these days where we are constantly being instructed to be tolerant of alternate lifestyles in these days where the so called universal love of God is used as an excuse for every ungodly lifestyle and every evil sin, we need to get back to the clear Bible teaching that there is only one way to heaven. This one way is not as man instructs or interprets, but as Almighty God has said. Just as God etched His law into stone on Mt Sinai, He also has etched His love for mankind and His only way of salvation into the Saviour on Mt Calvary. Before you will have a moving day to the streets of gold, you are going to have to have a meeting day with the Saviour. Before you will ever be born again, you will have to bathe in God's river of redemption. God has said that He will meet you by the river of blood that flowed from Calvary. When you meet God by the river of blood that flows from Calvary, then and only then will you be permitted to meet God by the river of life that flows from the throne of God. Arrogant, agnostic and atheistic man thinks that he is smarter than God, but the ...

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