by Wayne Hinson

Are You Looking For Another
Wayne Hinson
Matthew 11:1-10

(Are You Looking For Another:)
I. Messiah From God
A) He Is The Certified Son Of God
B) He Is The Qualified Son Of God
C) He Is The Bonafide Son Of God
1. For Our Position
2. For Our Problems
3. For Our Passage

II. Message From God
A) He Did Not Preach A Soft Gospel
B) He Did Not Preach A Sales Gospel
C) He Did Not Preach A Social Gospel

III. Man From God
A) Apprehended By The Transformation Of God
B) Approved In The Testimony Of God
C) Annointed By The Truth Of God

Intro: Out text presents a threefold challenge to us. First there is the challenge of whether one should be looking for another Messiah. Second, there is the challenge of whether one should be looking for another Messenger, and third, is the challenge of whether one should look for another man of God. In our present day of a social gospel, soft preachers, soured versions, and slothful saints, it would appear that many have already found a new messiah, messenger and man of God. Many have lowered the deity of Christ to a side ditch icon. Many more have perverted the office of a messenger, and reduced it to that of a mediocre paper boy. And of course, preachers today are puppets, programmers, playboys and politicians. However, the bottom line question is not, "Is this what people want?", but it is "Is God pleased with the radical and liberal policies that have infiltrated the church today?" In our text, and especially in verse 10, our Lord plainly describes today's church, and He did it over 2000 years ago. Verse 17 describes a church that is mechanical, methodical and malfunctioning. The song and dance routine was borrowed from some ungodly hollywood production. And of course, when we borrow from Hollywood, we also get the trash and garbage that is prevalent in Hollywood, and has manifested itself in the dress, appearance and activities of the church. We disguise all this unde ...

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