by Wayne Hinson

The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth
Wayne Hinson
I Timothy 1:12-16

I. This Is A Declared Truth
A) Declared And Reliable
1. It Is Foundationally Reliable
2. It Is Functionally Reliable
3. It Is Factually Reliable
B) Declared And Recognized
C) Declared And Receivable
1. A Warranteed Transaction
2. A Wholehearted Transaction
3. A Weighty Transaction

II. This Is A Divine Truth
A) He Came Through The Birth Channel
B) He Came Through The Blood Channel
C) He Came Through The Bloody Cross
D) He Came Through The Borrowed Cave

III. This Is A Directed Truth
A) Directed To Us By A Standard
1. The Proof
2. The Plea
3. The Pardon
4. The Pattern

Intro: If we were to declare that there is one nine word sentence in the Word of God, that totally and dogmatically defines the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, most people would laugh us to scorn. But that is just exactly what the words, "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners" does. This statement is the definition, the summation and the evaluation of the entire life and ministry of Jesus Christ. This statement is the crowning expression of God's love, the defining wonder of the incarnation of Christ, the solid foundation of the church's message and the witness and testimony of ever born again, blood washed child of God. This is the heart beat of the gospel, the good news of the gospel, the pulse of the gospel, the fuel of the gospel and the power of the gospel. On one hand, this is the most mind boggling statement ever recorded, but on the other hand, this statement is so simple that a small child can comprehend it's meaning. This also is the most descriptive and defining explanations of our Lord's ministry, in that it settles once and for all which doctrines are true and which are false. Did Jesus come into the world to teach situational ethics? The answer is no. Did Jesus come into the world to perform miracles? The answer ...

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