by Wayne Hinson

Who has the Say-So?
Wayne Hinson
Acts 13: 1-12

I. There Was A "Say So" Of Seeking
A) A Problem Needing Interpretation
B) A Person Of Interested
C) A Petition Of Inquiry

II. There Was A "Say When" Of Speaking
A) Requires A Heart That Is Ready
B) Requires A Head That Is Relinquished
C) Requires Habits That Are Responding

III. There Is A "Say What" Of Seperation
A) Listening To What's Said
B) Laboring In The Work
C) Listening To God's Will

IV. There Is A "Say Where" Of Sight
A) Discernment
B) Deliverance
C) Doctrine

Intro: The omnipresence of God means that He can address all fronts at one time. It means that God never has to vacate one place in order to visit another. It means that when God sends you somewhere, He is already at the place He sent you and waiting for you. In relation to time, it means that God is still occupying your yesterdays, is now participating in your present days, and has already set up house keeping in your future days. Omnipresence means that instead of eternity possessing God, God possesses eternity. It means that God does not have to go anywhere because He is already there. It means that we cannot correctly make the statement, "God was here", because He still is. Now, with this foundational definition and description of the omni-presence of God, we must now relate those definitions and descriptions to operations of the Holy Ghost. God, the Holy Ghost has certain set conditions and standard operating procedures in His relationship and divine activities with the children of God and the church. The operations of the Holy Ghost has not been given to us as a buffet or cafeteria style. In order for the church to operate in the power and demonstration of Holy Ghost power, then we must adhere to, adjust to and apply the standard operating procedure of the Holy Ghost. Throughout the Word of God, there is an undeniable doctrine of God taught. That doctrine is that preparation always pre ...

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