by Ernest Easley

How to Possess a Faith of Steel
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
2 Timothy 3:10-17

As you're finding Second Timothy … I want to tell you that God's provided everything necessary for you to grow and maximize your life as a child of God! Let me put that another way: You have no excuse for not growing up spiritually!
When Jesus stepped into your life He gave you spiritual eyes for you to see what you needed to see! He gave you spiritual ears for you to hear what you needed to hear! He gave you the Holy Spirit in your heart and the Word of God in your hand! He has surrounded you through the membership of our church with encouragement to live godly.
And I pray God that you're on your way to possessing a faith of steel and I'll tell you why! It's not going to get any easier to live for Jesus! Christians today are under more fire for their faith than at any other time in history! There are more people dying for their faith today than ever before! It's getting harder and harder to take a stand for morality and righteousness on the campuses of our schools and at the work place.
If you don't believe it .. just try not participating in the foolishness at work and stop laughing at the dirty jokes in the hallway and refuse to stop by the bar after work with the boys for a quick drink and tell them you're not participating because you're a Christian and then see what happens! You cannot live for Jesus Christ in this world without experiencing persecution.
You say, "Ernest, I'm a Christian and I'm not experiencing any persecution." That's not a compliment! When you get serious about living for Jesus with bed-rock Bible convictions … you won't be liked by everybody and that's O.K. Jesus said in Luke 6.26, "Woe to you when all men speak well of you .."
You better watch out if all men are speaking well of you! All men are speaking well of you because you're so much like them! But you live godly in Christ Jesus … there will be those who will not speak well ...

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