by David Cook

Keep Your Dream Alive
David Cook
Joshua 14:6-15

INTRO: Dreams, we all have them; common dreams such as flying, falling, being chased, being unprepared; What dreams did you have growing up? Fireman, Baseball player, famous actress, President? Here's how to keep your God-given dreams alive.

Your God-given dreams will be kept alive as you believe the promises of God. "You know the word of the Lord said to Moses the man of God concerning you and me in Kadesh-Barnea." 45 years previously, God promised Caleb the promised land. Caleb and Joshua were among the 12 spies to first spy on the land; Numbers 13:27-14:2, 6-9; Caleb believed God would be faithful to His Word. 600,000 would die in the wilderness; 2 men (Josh and Caleb) entered in. 1. Look to God's Standard - His Word never fails. Recall the faithfulness of God in your life. Do you do that? How about recalling the day you asked Jesus to come into your life? 2. Avoid Apathy - start making excuses for disobedience - start putting other people or things before God. What difference does it make in having God's promises? 3. Practice the promises of God. Every time Satan tries to discourage you, quote the truth of the Word of God. He says, "You have no hope." God says, "I know the plans I have for you." "You are not saved," Romans 10:9-10; Practice the promise of God! Ex. "Three little girls were talking about their dads. One said, 'My father is a doctor, and he practices medicine.' Another said, 'My dad's an attorney, and he practices law.' The third said, 'My father is a Christian, but he doesn't practice any more.' "There are a lot of Christians like that today." 4. Satan would love for you to doubt the promise of God because then he can keep you weighed down by fear, worry, guilt. 5. He has said, so we may boldly say, "The Lord is my helper." God's promises will always line up with His Word. * Sometimes Christians say, "I feel like God is leading me to date or marry an unbelie ...

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