by Wayne Hinson

He's More Than That
Wayne Hinson
Revelation 5: 1 - 14

I. He's More Than Numbers
A) Scoring Numbers
B) Searching Numbers
C) Sacrificial Numbers

II. He's More Than Names
A) Of The Accepted Beloved
B) Of The Angelic Beings
C) Of The Acclaimed Benefactors

III. He's More Than Needs
A) Superior Over The Need Of Heavenly Strength
1. As A Lion, He is Supreme Strength
2. As A Lamb, He has Saving Strength
3. As Lord, He Has Sovereign Strength
B) Solution Over The Need Of of Helpless Saints
C) Salvation Over The Need Of A Hell Bound Sinner
1. The Scene You Will Never See
2. The Song You will Never Sing
3. The Saviour You will Never Share

I. He's More Than Numbers
We live in a society dominated by numbers. In this vast sea of humanity, numbers equate power, prestige and popularity. Even in the church, we have become obsessed with numbers. Out text reveals to us that Jesus Christ is more than numbers. He is more than:

A) Searching Numbers (vs 3 "and no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth was able to read the book, neither to look thereon".

1. All Men Were Found Wanting ("and no man")
I have often wondered why God would command the strong angel to conduct such a vast and complete search, that included all of heaven's population, all of earth's population and finally all the population beneath the earth. God, in His infinite wisdom, already knew that the search would reveal that there was no man to be found worthy. The only possible answer is that this search was not for God to discover that there was no man worthy, but it was for man to realize that there was no man worthy. No doubt, there ware men found that were willing, but they were also found to be wanting. The count of all men that have lived on this earth in the 6000 years since creation would probably total in the billions, but no one of all that number was to be found. He is more than all the numbers of man.

2. Onl ...

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