by Wayne Hinson

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The Inception of a Sheep (1 of 6)
Series: Sheepology 101
Wayne Hinson
John 3: 3-7


I. Beginning Life - The Impregnation Of A Sheep
A. The Word Preached Stirs The Soul
1. By Planting The Seed
2. By Producing The Season

B. The Word Possessed Stimulates The Soul
1. Receiving Power
2. Receiving Purity

II. Begatting Life - The Incubation Of A Sheep

A. A Divine Nature
B. A Developing Nutrition

III. Birthing Life - The Imparting Of A Sheep

A. Conviction
B. Conversion
C. Cleansing

Intro: In this book of studies, we will engage in the wonderful comparison between the conception, care and continuance of a spiritual sheep and a natural sheep. Since this comparison is Bible based and authenticated, it therefore demands that we explore the similarities between the two. Furthermore, since God was the designer, creator and originator of both the physical and spiritual births, it would only be logical that many of the traits of one would be likened unto the other. Finally, it is my hope and continual prayer that this study of both Biblical and secular proportions would lead all of us to a greater and more blessed understanding of our spiritual birth into the family of God.

I. Beginning Life - The Impregnation Of A Sheep ( "Except a man be born of water")
Water, as used in this passage, is a metaphor of the Word of God. In God's divine order of the spiritual new birth, we cannot pass over the great similarities that exist between the spiritual birth and the physical birth. We further see:

A) The Word Preached Stirs the Soul

1. By Planting the Seed
In I Peter 1:23 the Bible speaks of the "incorruptible seed" which is planted in the soul upon the hearing of the Word of God. This divine process is very much like the physical conception of a sheep in that the seed of the Word penetrates the soul and spiritual conception takes place. In the physical realm, the seed of the ram sheep conceives in the womb of ...

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