by Wayne Hinson

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The Infections of the Sheep (5 of 6)
Series: Sheepology 101
Wayne Hinson
1 John 1: 5-10


Intro: In this study, we will examine the many different infections of a physical sheep. We will make the necessary comparisons between the physical and spiritual. Also, in our comparison, we will see the preventive measures and cures for their infections. When infections set in upon the physical sheep, it becomes incapacitated. Likewise, the spiritual sheep does the same;

I. Internal Infections

A) Arthritis
This disease is an inflammation of the joints of the legs, resulting in loss of production and maneuverability. The main cause of arthritis in sheep is when bacteria enters the body through a wound. Signs of arthritis appear 2 to 14 days after infection. Afflicted joints become swollen, hot and painful, resulting in the sheep being reluctant to move. Prevention is good sanitation and hygiene. By comparison, it would seem that many of God's sheep have been infected and are suffering from spiritual arthritis. Reluctance to move for and toward God is a definite sign of spiritual arthritis, and has affected whole congregations in some instances. Many times, the condition has been contracted due to reluctance to deal with uncleanness in their life. When left without correction, this uncleanness develops into full blown infection which results in the onset of arthritis.

B) Tetanus (lock jaw)
Tetanus is caused by a soil inhabitant that produces a vast amount of spores. Any open wound can harbor the tetanus organism. Signs of tetanus occur from about four days to three weeks after infection is established in a wound. The sheep will develop a stiff walk and eventually the jaws can lock which prevents intake of food or water. Once again, by comparison, it would appear that many of God's sheep today have developed spiritual lock jaw when it comes to praise, worship and witnessing. On the other hand, this also seems to possibly be ...

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