by Wayne Hinson

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The Increase of the Sheep (6 of 6)
Series: Sheepology 101
Wayne Hinson
I Thessalonians 4:10

Intro: A spiritual sheep that does not yield an increase, is a contradiction to scripture. As Paul prayed many times, "Lord, increase my faith", so should we pray for more increase not only in faith, but in the service that we yield to God. As we examine the increase of physical sheep, may we apply these truths to the spiritual sheep, so that we will be more productive for God.

I. Increase Through Feeding

A) Controlled Feeding
For the first six to eight weeks in the life of a lamb, all the lamb needs is the nourishment from the mother's milk. Normally, the newborn lamb is confined to an area where it's only contact is with it's mother. Newborn lambs have no concept of what or how much they should eat, therefore when the lamb is isolated to it's mother's milk only, the natural process takes effect, siince the mother only produces so much milk at one time. Similarly to the newborn spiritual lamb, care needs to be exercised so that they do not feed on adult food, but are restricted to the milk of the Word of God in adequate doses. Too many spiritual lambs' growth has been stunted because of over zealous Christians who attempt to feed lambs the strong doctrinal meat that they are feeding on. This has been and remains a very dangerous practice among churches and lay people alike. Just as a newborn physical lamb's digestive system cannot handle strong meat, neither can a newborn spiritual lamb handle it either. Our society has laws that strongly condemns people who carelessly bring children into this world with no intent of raising or caring for them. God's society should do even more to insure that the nutritional intake of a newborn lamb is regulated.

B) Continued Feeding
Because the growth of young lambs is mostly lean muscle(protein) rather than fat, protein supply is critical. Lambs are usually placed in what is called a "creep area", ...

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