by Wayne Hinson

Grace for the Gap
Wayne Hinson
Ezekiel 22: 23-30


I. The Plea That Is Demonstrated Vibrantly
A) Who Is God Looking For
B) Where Is God Looking

II. The Problem That Is Defined Vividly
A) His Relatives
B) His Rewarded

III. The Person That Needs To Be Vigilant
A) Born Again
B) Broken Heart
C) Back Bone

IV. The Position That Is Declared Vacant
A) A Position Of Standing Under God
B) A Position Of Standing With God
C) A Position Of Standing Before God
D) A Position Of Standing Up For God

Intro: Anywhere there is an absence of guilt, there is also an absence of grace. The problem is not that God's grace is not free, flowing and abundant, but the problem is that grace is not being allowed to function as a force. The scene in our text is such a pitiful and pathetic scene, especially when you consider that these are God's chosen people that He vividly describes in these verses. Even more pitiful is the truth that this disgusting example is a perfectly detailed account of where the church is today. Surely, if we just look on the outer layer of the 2010 church, she may look good. With bulging financial capabilities, gigantic facilities and even huge crowds, the church, through purely carnal eyes, looks great, healthy and flourishing. This is what our carnality sees, but is a far cry from what God sees. Note the problems that God addresses, beginning in verse 25. God says there is a conspiracy of her prophets, they have devoured souls; taken the treasures and the precious things; her priests have violated my law; have put no difference between the holy and profane; princes have shed blood, and destroyed souls; the people have used oppression and exercised robbery and have vexed the poor and needy. Even though these words of God were penned at least 3000 years ago, their relevancy is bone chilling and soul stirring. Notice also the lateness of the hour that is evident. God is saying, I have sent you warning after ...

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