by Wayne Hinson

Nearer My God to Thee
Wayne Hinson
Psalm 84


I. Nearer My God To Thee In The Holy Times
A) An Allotted Time For Going
1) A Timeframe
2) A Time Tested Place
3) A Timeless Point
B) An Anointed Title For Giving
(He would not permit)
1. Wicked Tent Music
2. Wicked Tent Messages
3. Wicked Tent Men

II. Nearer My God To Thee In The Helping Times
A) God Shining Brightly
B) God Standing Boldly
C) God Supplying Bountifully

III. Nearer My God To Thee In The High Times
A) God's Lofty Position
B) God's Loving Provisions
C) God's Lasting Principle

Intro: In the experiences and life of every devoted child of God, there are those special times and places, when the ecstasy of the moment would seem to rise above all other occasions. Such seems to be the case in the life of David and as He penned this 84th Psalm. His is not just praise, but we can detect the pinnacle of praise in his words. His is not just spiritual momentum, but we can realize that this was the mountaintop of momentum. This was not just a time of blessing, but as we read this Psalm, we sense that there are barrels and barrels of blessing being poured out into the soul of this man of God. Just as we have, David had had his down times, depressed times and even depraved times, but that was yesterday, and now the dawn of a new sunrise cast light upon a man who was shouting the praise of God. In these days of spiritual declination, we need to seek this pinnacle and mountain top experience with the Lord. No, we cannot stay here, but staying here is not our problem. Our ever getting here the first time, is the prevalent problem of today's church. We can almost hear David saying, "Nearer My God to thee".

I. Nearer My God To Thee In The Holy Times (verse 10)
In this verse, David is not making a choice necessarily, but he is simply making a comparison of that one place that is per-iminent and rises high above all other places in his daily life. He doe ...

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