by Wayne Hinson

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The Potter's Heart in Which He Conceived Me (1 of 5)
Series: The Potter and the Clay
Wayne Hinson
Jeremiah 18: 1-6; Isaiah 64:8

I. The Matter Upon The Potter's Heart
A) The Clay Is Undesirable
1. It Is Filthy
2. It Is Formless
3. It Is Feeble
B) The Clay Is Undependable
1. Never Did Anything
2. Never Determined Anything
3. Never Decorated Anything
C) The Clay Is Undeserving
1. Can't Earn Anything
2. Can't Express Anything
3. Can't Execute Anything

II. The Motive Upon The Potter's Heart
A) To Reveal His Grace
B) To Reflect His Glory
C) To Receive His Gain

III. The Manifestation Of The Potter's Heart
(it is to find clay) (Jesus' is to find sinners)
A) Found A Mental Problem - Gadarean Demoniac
B) Found A Medical Problem - Woman with issue of Blood
C) Found A Misfit Problem - Zachaeus
D) Found A Moral Problem - Samaritan woman
E) Found A Murderous Problem - Saul of Tarsus

Intro: There is nowhere in the entire Bible, that one could find a more perfect portrayal of how our heavenly Father deals with a poor lost sinner. Hopefully, this series of messages will present one of the most beautiful pictures of salvation by the grace of God, that can be found anywhere. I realize that the main thrust of Jeremiah 18 is toward the nation of Israel. However, scripture plainly instructs us that "all scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable. Some of the greatest nuggets of gold in the Bible can only be gleaned by digging into the background of the text. This portrayal of the Potter and the clay is one such expedition The simple truth is that if the Potter can re-make and re-mold the clay, it would stand to reason that He was also the one who molded and made the clay in the beginning. As we examine the subject of the first message which is entitled, "The Potter's Heart, in Which He conceived me", we must first declare that the potter has a dedicated schedule that he operates by. We further ...

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