by Wayne Hinson

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The Potter's House to Which He Brought Me (3 of 5)
Series: The Potter and the Clay
Wayne Hinson
Jeremiah 18: 1-6; Isaiah 64:8


I. A House Of Waiting
A) There Is A Drying Process
B) There Is A Dividing Process

II. A House Of Working
A) On The Potter's Wheel (sizing process)
B) With The Potter's Water (saturation process)
C) By The Potter's Knife (surgical process)
D) From The Potter's Wisdom (separation process)

III. A House Of Worship
A) The Potter's Glory
B) The Potter's Gift
C) The Potter's Grace

IV. A House Of Warranty
A) The Place Of the Warranty
B) The Pleasure Of The Warranty
1. Touched By His Heart
2. Touched By His Hands
3. Touched By His House

Intro: In previous messages we looked at the Potter's Heart in which he conceived me and the Potter's Hunt in which he found me. We also have gleaned from the Beginning of the blessing in the Potter's heart and the Bringing of the blessing in the Potter's hunt. We have seen a Heart of Desire and a Hunt of Deliverance, now we are going to see a House of Designation. In this message, we will apply the thought of the Potter's house to the God's house, which is the church. We do know that we are headed for a heavenly home, but in the meantime God has placed us in a local, Bible believing house of God. We also realize that our ultimate and greatest change will occur when we set sail for glory land, but God's master work on us and in us is occurring right now in the church. The Potter's House is a wonderful and detailed picture of the church. Jesus loved the church, died for the church, instituted the church, powered the church, intercedes for the church and one day soon, will return to gather all the blood washed, born again, redeemed and regenerated believers that make up God's church. The Potter's house to which He brought me is:

I. A House Of Waiting
The church is a place where God through the Holy Ghost is forming, fashioning and figuring those ...

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