by Wayne Hinson

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The Potter's Heat by Which He Bonded Me (5 of 5)
Series: The Potter and the Clay
Wayne Hinson
Jeremiah 18: 1-6; Isaiah 64:8


I. Four Secrets Going Into The Fire
A) The Potter's Plan
B) The Potter's Placing
C) The Potter"s Products
D) The Potter's Presence

II. Four Stages Getting Through The Fire
A) The Process Of Elimination - The Burning Process
B) The Process Of Dehydration - The Blending Process
C) The Process Of Oxidation - The Bonding Process
D) The Process Of Viafication - The Brightening Process

III. Four Suggestions In Gaining From The Fire
A) Vessels To Be Replaced
B) Vessels To Be Refused
C) Vessels to Be Released

Intro: The firing of the clay is just as important as the finding and forming of the clay. Our spiritual lives are nothing without the experience of the fiery furnace. It is in the fire that our spiritual characters are molded. It is in the furnace, that we get backbone and fortitude to stand for God in the face of adversity. James said it best when he penned these words, "Blessed is the man that endureth temptation, for when he is tried, he shall receive a crown of life". The three Hebrew boys were bold for God before the fiery furnace, but they were giants for God after enduring the fire. Job was a man that loved God before he endured the fiery furnace of sorrow, shame and sickness. But on the other side of the fire, the Bible says God blessed him more in the latter end, than He did at the first. Abraham love God supremely, but after he endured the test of the fire on the mountain, with his son Isaac, he became unmovable for God. No saint will ever be worth a dime, who has not gone through the fire. In this message, we will discover how the potter fires the clay vessel, and we will see how that if the vessel endures the fire, it will come out on the other side as a beautiful vessel that will hold water and bring honor to the potter. We further see:

I. Four Secrets Going Into ...

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