by Dan Hill

Are You Living In Reality Or Virtual Reality?
Series: James: Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World - Part 3
Dan Hill
James 1:17-27

James, the brother of Jesus has talked to us about facing trials and trouble and then he talked to us about temptation, our oldest problem. The reality of those two realities of life can result in us being dangerously deceived. In fact, in verse 16, James says simply, "Don't be deceived, my dear brothers."

Deception is real - it is a real possibility - and it is a painful possibility for every one of us in this room. Jesus warned us in Matthew 24:24 that there would be false prophets and even people who would claim to be Christ in the world and that they would have the power to deceive the "very elect." So no one is exempt from that possibility. Satan is a master of deception and there is no time like a time of trial and trouble or temptation that we are more vulnerable to deception.

I am not sure that I have ever told you but, one time I flew a Boeing 747! That's right, I sat in the left seat, put the head set on and piloted that mammoth piece of machinery. I can't describe to you the thrill of taxiing that airplane down the runway and taking off into the wild blue yonder. I flew for about thirty minutes; saw many wonderful sites and then it was time for the landing which was the scariest part! I did everything my teacher said, who was sitting in the right seat; I lined up with the runway, put the wheels down, the flaps down, reduced the speed, and then it happened! I crashed the plane, killing all on board including myself! Thankfully, it was only a simulator!

Virtual reality rides like that simulator are popular today. They give you the feeling and experience of something real even though it is not real; it is virtual reality. The whole aim of a simulator is to make the ride as real and authentic as possible even though it is entirely an illusion. The simulator manipulates and stimulates your body, mind, and emotions to ma ...

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