by Dan Hill

The Danger of Playing God
Series: Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World - Part 4
Dan Hill
James 2:12-13

God's word to us is so very practical and relevant to our lives here in the 21st century and no message from God is any more practical than the one from the Book of James. God speaks to us about everyday kind of issues that all of us face. But I want to admit to you that sometimes, I wish James would NOT be so relevant and practical! I mean, I am always glad when God speaks to you about where you are but I'm not always glad when he speaks to me about where I am!

This is a one of those messages I did not plan or intend to bring this as I laid out this series some time ago but God has not let me off the hook with this one. I have never spoken on this subject or dealt in depth with these particular verses so this is new territory for me. The temptation would be to sweep over these verses and not deal with the particular application that they force.

TEXT: James 2:12-13.

The word "judgment" here is a word, in the original language of James which has 12 different shades of meaning. It can mean to choose, to separate, to determine, and to adjudicate. But sometimes it means what it does here and the word here means to condemn. It carries with it the idea that we would act as judge and jury rendering the verdict of guilty and passing judgment on someone.

Our culture and our human nature seem to be obsessed with judging others. Many of the most popular "reality" television shows are centered on the judgment of others. One show is called "Toddlers and Tiaras" and is about beauty pageants for toddlers. Can you just imagine that; little girls three, four, and five years old being judged by their appearance?

The most popular show on television for the last few years is "American Idol." This show is based on what the judges think about the contestants singing ability and then the viewers are invited to vote. And the heart of the show is not the contestants sin ...

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