by David Cook

Five Truths about the Power of Sin
Series: Possess the Promised Land
David Cook
Joshua 7 and 8

Intro: It was only a little comma, but it cost the Lockheed corporation millions of dollars! An error was made in a contract with an international customer-a misplaced comma in a crucial number. The company insisted that the manufacturer honor the contract as written. Unfortunately for Lockheed, the error was made in an equation that adjusted the sales price, and it cost them $70 million. - Our Daily Bread; ''People who say that small things don't bother them have never slept in a room with a mosquito.'' -Dennis Rainey;

God had given His people a miraculous victory at the mighty Jericho, but a much smaller city, Ai, brought tremendous defeat.

1. Sin Is Often Rooted In Your Overconfidence

A. It's a good thing to be confident, if your confidence is found in the Lord. Israel had just experienced a miraculous victory at Jericho and thought a much smaller and weaker Ai would be no problem. Wrong!

B. Yesterday's victory does not guarantee today's victory. Ex. When I was at the height of my golf game, I was pretty good. Not great, but I could hold my own. In the City Championship I played a man by the name of Clayton Gibbons. One look at him and I thought - ''I've got this guy easy.'' He was very overweight, his clothes were out of date and wrinkled, his clubs and bag looked like they were from the 1940's. After we reached the 13th hole, Clayton had won the match. I let his appearance fool me; deceived by outward appearances, too confident in myself.

C. After a major victory is won, look out that you remember the One who gave you the victory! 1 Corinthians 10:12, ''…let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.''

D. Overconfidence in self causes you to think you are the source of victory, when God is! Ex. ''I can watch check out this site, it's not that bad.'' Ex. ''I don't have to file my taxes with integrity, the government won't miss any ...

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