by Dan Hill

Saying No When You Want To Say Yes
Series: James; Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World
Dan Hill
James 1:13-17

James' letter to the believers in the first century is as up to date with the pressures we all face in the modern world as any bestselling book on the market today. Last week we talked about how to face trials and troubles; this week he talks to us about man's oldest dilemma. What do we do when we know we ought to say no but really, we want to say yes.

Every man can relate to the husband who is sitting home when his wife comes in from a shopping expedition. She says, "I saved you 25 percent on the dress I just bought," and then she proceeds to tell him what a beautiful dress it is and how well it looks on her." Well, the husband responds by saying, "Even if you think you saved us 25 percent, the fact remains that you bought a dress that you know we can't afford right now. How come you didn't resist the temptation?"

She says, "I tried to, I really did but when I tried it on it looked so good on me and it was on sale; it was just too big a temptation." The husband says, "You know that was the devil tempting you to do something that you knew you shouldn't do, why didn't you tell the devil to get behind you?" The wife says, "I did tell him to get behind me but then he said, 'It looks good from back here too."

It reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw the other day which said: "Lead me not into temptation --- I can find it myself!"

Oscar Wilde, the famous writer said, "I can resist almost anything except temptation."

Another pundit said, "Opportunity may only knock once, temptations lean on the doorbell."

The fact is; everyone is going to face two really big tests in life. One is trials and trouble, the other is temptation. Both of these use the same word in the Bible and that word is "peirasmos." It is the same word from which we get out word "pirate." And that gives us a vivid description of both trials and trouble and temptation; they unexp ...

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