by James Merritt

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God: God Reigns Over Me (2 of 4)
Series: Foundation
James Merritt
Psalm 103:19; Romans 11:33-36


1. Foundations - how important are they? A building has to have a foundation or it cannot stand. Marriage is built on the foundation of trust. America is built on the foundation of the constitution. Friendship is built on the foundation of respect. A home is built on the foundation of love. Foundations are critical and crucial for stability - both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

2. We are in a series of messages we are calling ''foundations.'' I am dealing specifically with the foundation of Christianity and the church. It has four corners: the bible, God, Jesus and the holy spirit. Everything the evangelical church believes and practices flows from or is related to one of those four things.

3. Today, we are going to study about God and specifically, the God who reigns over us. We find, that God, not just in the first chapter of the bible, but in the very first sentence of the bible. The bible presents a true story with a cast of thousands and an amazing storyline that covers thousands of years. Not surprisingly, of all the personalities we learn about, the very first one we begin with is God.

4. That really shouldn't surprise us, because when you study the bible you are not just looking for historical facts or biographical trivia. You are looking for real eternal truth and that means you have to start with God, because the bible is all about God.

5. God put the key to understanding all the bible at the very front door when he said these four words: ''In the beginning God.'' without those four words, history is a mystery. Life is a puzzle that would be impossible to put together.

6. As I think about this God, it is amazing to me to say this, but you can really boil my life down to that one, three lettered, word - God. I am blown away that one, three lettered, word has been such a dominant part of my life. God defines me per ...

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