by Dr. J. Vernon McGee

The Antidote to Anti-Semitism
Dr. J. Vernon McGee

After the experience of the Holocaust under the Hitler regime, you would think that the world would have moved away from anti-Semitism. But fresh outbreaks are appearing in many countries. With Nazi atrocities so fresh in our minds, we are shocked and startled by this. The concentration camps and ovens of Dachau are still grim reminders of the awful thing known as anti-Semitism.
There was the wholesale slaughter of a race and of a people who numbered about seventeen million at the beginning of the Hitler regime. By the end of World War II they were reduced to eleven million. Not all of them were slain in Germany but in other countries of Europe, also. It was unparalleled in the history of the world - with two possible exceptions, as we shall see.
The leaders of the world are puzzled by the manifestation of anti-Semitism. They do not know how to explain it. It has been interesting to read the reactions and attitudes toward it. Some dismiss it with a wave of a hand as the work of cranks, that it is sort of like a bad dream that will go away in the morning. Others attribute it to Communism or to some other ideology that foments strife between races and among different classes of this earth. Others consider it as one of the first signs of a diabolical organization with a sinister plot, global in extent, and working under cover. Some of us have reason to believe that there is such an organization.
Regardless of the cause of the recent outbreak, no responsible leader today thinks that it should be ignored. All agree that it should be stamped out as you would stamp out a forest fire. They are afraid it might spread, that it might become very serious, which it could. Because of world reaction to it and the fact that so many leaders were firm in their statements after World War II, it disappeared almost as suddenly as it appeared. And it went under cover, of course.
No real Christian today who knows his Bible can hav ...

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