by Dan Hill

A Whole Lot of Shaking Going On
Dan Hill
Hebrews 12:25-29

234 years ago 55 men committed their lives and fortunes to the idea that a country could live by the principles of liberty and justice for all. Nearly all of those 55 men whose signatures are on the constitution lost their lives, their wealth or both in defense of those ideas. All 55 of those men were members of churches and professed to be followers of Jesus Christ. But the reality is, none of those 55 men would even recognize America today!

While we Christians have been comfortably sleeping, we have become a nation that is desensitized to Satan's evil plans and schemes. The preferred religion of America today has become political correctness. And things that once appalled us now have become so common place; they no longer bother even those of us who claim to be followers of Christ.

? We now tolerate killing our children and we call it ''freedom of choice.''
? We tolerate the militant homosexual agenda and call it ''diversity.''
? We tolerate paganism and call it ''multiculturalism.''
? We tolerate the killing of the elderly and sick and call it ''compassion.''
? We tolerate religious segregationism and call it ''denominationalism.''

The liberal humanist agenda is clear; do away with God by denying the conscience God has given us. Virtue is now ridiculed - evil is praised as good and liberating - and God-given morals are mocked as the narrow-minded thinking of a previous generation.

But like a loving parent who gently shakes a child to wake them up, God is shaking the world today in an attempt to wake us up for the long sleep we have taken. And the shaking will become more and more severe if American doesn't wake up soon!

Two of our tallest buildings were toppled as the terrorist' war came to American shores on that September 11th morning.

Our shorelines have been battered over and over again as unprecedented hurricanes hit us one after another.

One of our major cities has b ...

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