by Dennis Marquardt

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Love Lost (1 of 7)
Series: 7 Churches In Revelation
Dennis Marquardt
Rev. 2:1-7

INTRO: [Show a salt shaker full of salt]: "How many know what this is?... SALT! We use it to spice up our food, to add flavor to it, to preserve, to help in healing, to cleanse, etc. Salt is a necessity in our diet, we would die without it! In antiquity it was considered so important that at times it was more valuable than gold and was used sometimes as hard currency! Salt is made up of only 2 elements: SODIUM & CHLORINE (thus Sodium Chloride). Like Christianity … made up of 2 elements, TRUTH & LOVE. Combined they are wonderful ... but either existing alone brings death!

Truth without Love is like Chlorine ... chlorine without sodium is a poisonous gas, it is what gives bleach its distinctive offensive odor. Chlorine is used to purify, but alone it is a killer! Love is like Sodium, sodium almost never is found in nature without combining itself to some other element, it is an extremely active agent. If Chlorine isn't available it will combine with something else ... love is like this. IT IS NOT ENOUGH to JUST love, without truth love combines with all kinds of things and can produce strange substances!

THE CHURCH MUST COMBINE BOTH TRUTH & LOVE ... like salt, in order to be useful!

The church in Ephesus was missing LOVE ... though they maintained truth; they had lost an important element. The passion of their faith and service was missing, it can happen!

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that if we lose our "first love" for Christ, our service will become weary, and the results will be just another institution attempting to create another product! God calls us to have passion in our service for Him, and when we do our ministry becomes a JOY rather than just a JOB!


A. Reputation! Rev. 2:1-2a
1. It is hard not to like this church at Ephesus! It was a church of workers!
a. these were not lazy Christians ... God even s ...

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