by Dennis Marquardt

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A Powerful Church (6 of 7)
Series: 7 Churches In Revelation
Dennis Marquardt
Rev. 3:7-13

INTRO: What is it that determines the power of a church?

a. The size of the congregation, the bigger the more powerful? NO!
b. The magnificence of the building. There are many beautiful structures we call churches, some costing millions of dollars but without the testimony of Christ in them!
c. The variety of the programs offered? Activity doesn't prove anything.
d. Large amounts of cash ...? No!
e. Important people who are members?

In every one of the categories above you could probably find both strong and weak churches, it must be something else that determines the power of a church!

The church in Philadelphia was small, the meaning of the phrase "little strength." They were not wealthy, they did not have important people of the community as members, they are not mentioned for their many programs, or beautiful white steeple building.

WHAT IS MENTIONED is that they had done 2 things: "YOU HAVE KEPT MY WORD" (God's Word) and "HAVE NOT DENIED MY NAME" ... they had lived up to what a Christian should be.

This is what makes a powerful church! They truly loved the Lord and each other!

PROP. SENT: God's Word will teach us that to be a powerful church we must do 2 things: Hold to God's Word without compromise, and to demonstrate God's love.


A. Possibilities! Rev. 3:7
1. This small church's love for God and for His Word had caught the attention of the community, this had opened up many doors of opportunity for witnessing!
a. It isn't always the large churches that draw people's attention to Christ!
b. The vast majority of churches in the world are small!
2. Size
a. The average size church in the USA is not much over 100 people!
b. The vast majority of Christians in the USA worship in small churches!
3. Power comes from God's presence, not property, nor programs, nor prestige, nor personalit ...

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