by Dennis Marquardt

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Mad Enough To Spit! (7 of 7)
Series: 7 Churches In Revelation
Dennis Marquardt
Rev. 3:14-22

INTRO: What is the worse thing that can happen to a Church?

a. lack of finances?
b. lack of Church activities?
c. lack of a Pastor? (Sounds like a possible answer ... if you are a Pastor!)
d. lack of facilities?
e. lack of committees ... on second thought!

It is none of the above! The surprising thing is this: the greatest problem a church can have is to feel that it needs nothing, thus it is self-sufficient.

The reason is simple; the church that has no needs becomes complacent. God thus ends up on the outside of the church knocking to get in, the very picture we find in Rev. 3:20! (This verse is often misquoted by Christians for salvation; but it is a picture of Christ and His church, with Christ on the outside hoping to be let back in - it was a message to His church!)

PROP. SENT: The text will teach us that God wants us to guard our personal and corporate life as His people, from feeling so self-satisfied that we become spiritually lukewarm! "Luke warmness" makes God mad enough to "spit!" Remember Jonah's lukewarm response to go and preach at Nineveh, even the large fish "spit" him out!


A. "No Good!" Rev. 3:14-15
1. Laodicea was probably the wealthiest city in the world in the first century!
a. Since we live in the wealthiest country today the parallels are likely to be strong.
b. Its wealth was so great that in A.D. 60 when the entire city was leveled by a huge earthquake it was entirely rebuilt without any financial help from Rome or any other outside source ... it was rebuilt with its own wealth!
2. The city was known for 3 major things:
a. It had a vast and wealthy banking system (A New Testament Wall street!)
b. It had a huge textile industry whose specialty was black wool clothe.
c. It had a large and famous Medical school which was famous for an eye salve that was world known c ...

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