by Dennis Marquardt

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The Lord Is With You In The Land! (1 of 6)
Series: The Lord Is With You
Dennis Marquardt
Genesis 28:10-22

INTRO: The story is told about a father who gave his son a difficult puzzle for a birthday present. Some of the pieces were dark and odd shaped, some looked like they would go together, but they wouldn't! The father watched for hours as his son tried to put the puzzle all together but the boy got nowhere! Finally frustrated, his son pushed the puzzle toward his father and challenged him to try it. To the son's amazement the father put it together in just a few moments of time! Then his father explained why he was able to do it when his son couldn't ... "You see, son, I knew what the entire picture was suppose to look like already ... you only saw pieces, but I knew what the whole picture looked like."

This is so true about us too; we go through life only seeing pieces of our life at a time and we often can't figure out how our life in Christ goes together, we often can't see how one part fits in with another part and we might even question whether God is good or cares at all! Yet, our heavenly Father sees the whole picture and He knows that it all fits together ... even when we throw up our hands and are discouraged and frustrated because we can't seem to put the pieces of it together into a coherent picture!

PROP. SENT: One of the great truths of the Bible is God's promise to be with us in everything, and everywhere we go! Even when we don't feel His presence or see how anything good can come from the trials we are undergoing He is being faithful to us and is very present in our lives ... trust Him even when you feel unsure!

I. WEARY REALITY! Genesis 28:10-11

A. Troubles Genesis 28:10
1. This trip by Jacob was hardly pleasant!
a. He was weary from the trip, a physically difficult time, and an emotionally difficult time.
b. He had left his mother because she had warned him that his brother Esau had plans to kill him! The long te ...

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