by Dennis Marquardt

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The Lord Is With You In The Fire! (2 of 6)
Series: The Lord Is With You
Dennis Marquardt
Daniel 3:1-30

INTRO: Being a Christian in this world automatically brings us into conflict! There will be times when we will be thrown to the "fire" for being a Christian! Our values as Christians are at odds with those of this world and they always will be. How do we handle those "fire" moments?

In 1960, the president of Ghana built a larger than life statue of himself and had it erected in front of the Parliament House. He put the country under his total control and had inscribed on the base of the statue this: "Seek ye first the political kingdom and all other things shall be added unto you." This arrogant leader obviously mocked the Word of God with this inscription, and demonstrated the arrogance that mankind without God creates toward anything that is God directed; yet only about 6 years later, in 1966, a bloodless coup toppled the president and the statue was destroyed. While this leader is gone Christians still live and witness throughout Ghana, they came through the fire with God's help!

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that God will ALWAYS be with us in the "fire" even if He doesn't spare us from the fires, we never go in alone, He is in them with us!

I. THE RIDICULOUS Daniel 3:1-12

A. Ego Daniel 3:1-3
1. The President of Ghana like Nebuchadnezzar had elevated his own status to be greater than God Himself!
a. This is the heart of sinful man ... they don't need God because they are good enough and strong enough without Him!
b. This ego is not just displayed by men like Nebuchadnezzar; it is displayed by men and women today!
c. This sinful pride is not from God, He wants us to feel good about ourselves but not superior to Him or others!
2. Man's arrogance and pride ultimately causes pain for themselves and others, God always in time makes a mockery of such egos.

ILLUS: Like the minister, Boy Scout, and computer expert who were fly ...

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