by Dennis Marquardt

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The Lord Is With You In The Battle! (4 of 6)
Series: The Lord Is With You
Dennis Marquardt
Judges 6:11-8:21

INTRO: God has helped some of the most unlikely people to be victors in the spiritual battles we all face! How does God pick people to fight great battles for Him? What is it that God looks for when looking for a champion? Does He look for great talents, great minds, great abilities, great standing in society, great pedigrees, or great names?

Why did God pick a deceitful Jacob? Why did God pick Abel over Cain? Why did God pick David over Saul? Why did God pick a farmer like Amos over a trained prophet? Why did God pick a Moses who by his own admission couldn't speak well? Why did God pick sickly and fearful Timothy? WHY DID GOD PICK A SHAKY AND FEARFUL GIDEON WHO BY ANYONE'S STANDARDS WAS SEVERELY INSECURE?

JACOB was deceitful because he wanted more than anything else God's blessings! He was committed to getting from God the best!
ABEL was committed to being obedient to God's Word about proper sacrifices!
DAVID was more concerned about God's name than his own!
AMOS' only concern was to see God's people experience revival!
MOSES made some serious mistakes, but he wanted so much to see God's people released from bondage!
TIMOTHY, Paul said there was no one like-minded more than Timothy, in spite of his frailties and frequent illnesses and timidity Paul says he demonstrated a faithfulness like few others in his day, both to Paul as a senior partner, and to the church of Jesus Christ!

Each of these men had serious flaws ... but there were some things they had in common that made them candidates for God's help in battle:

THEY WERE committed to God and His people! They were wiling to serve no matter the resistance, they were quick to repent when shown their own wrong, they were concerned more about others than themselves, they were faithful in spite of setbacks, and they were not quitters though at times they felt like quitting! T ...

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