by Wayne Hinson

He Did It His Way
Wayne Hinson
Hebrews 7: 24-25


I. His Way Is An Unchangeable Way
A. The Sole Person Involved
B. The Secured Privileges Included
C. The Strong Priesthood Inhabited

II. His Way Is An Unequaled Way
A. His Nature Is To Save
B. His Notoriety Is To Stand Guard
C. His Nobility As A Son

III. His Way Is An Unending Way
A. It Is Evident
B. It Is Eternal
C. It is Exalted

Intro: Some years ago, a song was written which became very popular. The title of that song was "I did it my way". While that song was popular for thousands to listen to, the truth of that song is that if a man lives this life his way, he will die and end up in hell. Jesus said, "I am the way", and that eliminates all other self made ways. Your way is the wrong way, is the wrath way, is the wicked way. Aren't you glad that Jesus did it His way? In man's deluded state of depravity, he has manufactured many ways to heaven, but none of these will lead a man to heaven. Three of those ways are:

1. Right Living
Titus 3:5 "not by works of righteousness which we have done"
Romans 3:10 "There is none righteous, no not one"

2. Religious Living
Your religion has no power, it is only a dead ritual. To have power in religion, there must be a living Saviour, who is sinless and undefiled. He who is not living, cannot bestow life on another, because he himself is dead. He who is not sinless, cannot forgive nor erase the sins of another.

3. Resolved Living
Hell is full of resolution makers. Hell is full of people with good intentions. Good intentions may make one feel good, but will not be worth a plug nickel when you open your eyes in hell.

Either you will scream "I did it my way" in hell, or your will shout "He did it His way" in heaven.

I. His Way Is An Unchangeable Way.....verse 24

A. The Sole Person Involved.....but this man
The writer of Hebrews is very careful in his wording of this verse. First, he inserts the word but ...

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