by Eddie Snipes

The Unpardonable Sin
Eddie Snipes

Over the years, I've gotten many questions about the unpardonable sin, and like most Christians, I have wrestled with this subject in my own studies. A question I recently was asked echoes the struggles and anxieties of many who wonder if they, too, could commit the unpardonable sin. A typical question goes something like this:

I fear I may have committed the unpardonable sin of Matthew 12 in thought. I try hard not to think blasphemous thoughts, but I can't seem to fight them off. I fear I have consciously sinned against the Holy Spirit. I'm going crazy trying to keep from thinking things I shouldn't, and I'm afraid I have gone to the point where I cannot be forgiven.

Answering the question of the unpardonable sin.

You said that you were afraid that you had committed the unpardonable sin and that you can't keep your mind from thinking blasphemous thoughts. That is true for any thought and you will drive yourself crazy if you are trying to keep your mind from thinking of anything. Put this to the test. Determine not to think about a banana. Don't let yourself think about its color or smell. Especially don't think about how it feels in your hand; its weight, texture, and for goodness sake, don't think about the stem. Make every effort not to think about how it tastes in your mouth. Now raise the stakes. Tell yourself, "I can't think about these things or I'll go to hell." Pick a day and do everything in your power not to think about the word 'banana' or the object, smell, or anything related to it. If you're really daring, commit to not thinking about it for a month. When you go down the produce aisle in a grocery store, try not to look at it, and for your soul's sake, don't think about the banana-err, I mean what you aren't looking at.

What if you truly believed your soul was dependent on never allowing the banana to enter your mind. It could have been the forbidden fruit, you never know. As you can imagine, you wo ...

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