by Fred Lowery

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My Will is a Won't (2 of 9)
Series: Tangled
Dr. Charles Lowery
Romans 7:15-19; Proverbs 16:25; Colossians 1:15
April 18, 2010

Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you about being tangled. We're going to laugh a little bit about being tangled because well laughter is just good for us. Isn't it? I mean when you open up that box of Christmas lights and you didn't straighten them out last year and you just look at that tangled mess, what are you going to do? You really just have three choices. You can laugh, you can cry or you can throw up, can't you? So we are just going to laugh a little bit because laughter is a form of faith. Laughter really means you are going to let go of some things and laughter maybe the only way some of you are going to detangle. You see we can laugh because God has the last laugh, doesn't He. There was this doctor; he raised horses as a hobby. A friend of his came by and he said you mind if I ride one of your horses? The guy said you know how to ride. I'm pretty good. He said well take this horse and go for a ride. He gets on the horse goes about a hundred yards and the horse throws him off, but not completely off. He still has got a hold of those reins. He's still kind of tangled with them. The doctor is behind him hollering let go. But the guy is just holding on for dear life, let go. And the guy will not let go and the doctor is running behind him hollering at him to let go. He said he looked like a little rag doll you know on that big old horse, that little old man about a hundred and fifty pound man, just beating him up. And he said let go and the guy will not let go. Sheer exhaustion finally, can't hold on anymore. He plops to the ground. The doctor finally gets to him and he said I'm a doctor I should have been merciful, kind, said something gentle but what I, only thing I said when I got to him was why didn't you let go? Here this guy, black and blue, been beat to death, tears in his eyes looked up a ...

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