by Fred Lowery

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Tangled (4 of 9)
Series: Tangled
Dr. Charles Lowery
Lamentations 3:40; John 8:32
May 2, 2010

We are in a series about being tangled. They say in some ancient societies the natives would take sticks, beat the ground and then yell out blood curdling shouts. Anthropologists called that primitive expression. Americans call that golf. Anybody ever play golf in here. I'm a golfer. If you don't know anything about golf when I hit it to the left it's a hook, I hit to the right it's a slice, I hit it down the middle it's a miracle. I'm not very good at golf but I like golf. Now, I'll go speak somewhere and they'll give me somebody to play with who's not just not good, he's awful. I mean he doesn't even hit the ball, he swings once, swings twice, he's getting frustrated. I'm an encouraging guy, I wanna try and say something nice, I say something like don't quit now you got a no hitter going. You know, to just kind of keep him going. But then after a while he gets tangled up in the game and starts getting mad, throwing his clubs, stupid game. Getting upset, you know and hollering at everything and everybody. And usually a pastor or somebody is with us and they'll say something like this, you're a psychologist, you need to help this guy. He's got anger issues. He's got all these negative emotions. You need to help him with his emotional problems. And I'll say something like this; this guy doesn't have emotional problems. He's got great emotions; I've seen every one of them. I mean he's got a lot of emotions. You know what would really help this guy, and the pastor will lean forward and say what. No, you know what would really help him. What? A golf lesson, that's what would really help him. I guarantee you if his golf game got better his emotions would get better. See some of you spend all your life tangled up with your emotions, trying to think if I could just now get my emotions better. My friend you are treating the wrong problem. You need to ...

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