by Fred Lowery

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Tangled (5 of 9)
Series: Tangled
Dr. Charles Lowery
Proverbs 3:5
May 9, 2010

We're in a series about tangles and how life gets tangled. A lady had fourteen kids. She had four of her own, four adopted from Korea, four from the Philippines, two foster kids. A guy stopped her and said are these all yours or are you going on a picnic or something. She says they are all mine and believe me this is no picnic. Life isn't a picnic is it? You mother's know that don't you? We've been talking about the fact that our body has not been redeemed although our spirit has and so this Adam suit keeps doing the same old tricks that we've learned over the years. There were some dolphins they were at a place like Sea World. They were in the dolphin pin and they did tricks at certain times and people paid to see it but they had a storm and the net was down and the dolphins escaped. A helicopter found them they were fifty miles out to sea in freedom but the helicopter guy called in laughing and said you won't believe it. They are fifty miles out in the ocean, they are in total freedom but at ten, two and four they are doing the same tricks they did back at the sea park. Many of us have been freed in Christ but if we could look at our tangled lives we end up doing the same tricks that got us into trouble in the first place. You ever stayed at somebody's house and they have a cuckoo clock? Used to in the old days when we'd go preach at places we would stay in people's home and they would have a cuckoo clock and you're trying to go to sleep and the cuckoo clock goes off. You about get to sleep again and the next hour cuckoo clock goes off. After about seven hours of that you are ready to shoot the cuckoo bird and what of the people in the house. They are sleeping right through it. Why? Because they are used to the cuckoo. Now the reason Fred and I are doing this series together because he's a preacher and I'm a psychologist some of you are cuckoo but you're used to ...

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