by Fred Lowery

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The Other Side of Forgiveness (6 of 9)
Series: Tangled
Dr. Fred Lowery
Genesis 50:20-21; Ephesians 4:32; Ephesians 4:26, 27, 30-31; Ruth 1:20; Isaiah 43:25; Psalms 103:12
May 16, 2010

Life will hurt you. If it hasn't already it will. And what life does to you will make you either bitter or better. But you alone make that choice. You are the only one that can make the choice so that the bitter things that happen become actually the tool to make you a better person. We talked about forgiveness. We are going to talk this morning about the other side of forgiveness. We are going to talk a lot about how to forget after you are forgiven. Andy Andrews is one of my favorite guys and you ought to look up his stuff on the internet because he is a fascinating author and story teller. But he tells a story of two brothers that had adjoining farms and they farmed together and they shared equipment and even labor. And everything went great until one day they had a major conflict. Oh it probably started with a little misunderstanding like most of them do. But it escalated until harsh and bitter words were spoken and that was followed by weeks of silence. One day a knock came on the door of the older brother's house and there was a man standing holding a carpenter's toolbox. And the man said I'm looking for some work do you have any jobs that I can do for you. The older brothers said yes, yes I do. I've got a job for you. And he said look around look over there at that home across the creek. That's my brother's farm and until last week there was a meadow between us. But my brother went and took his bulldozer and went up to the river levee and made a creek between us. He did it to spite me but I'm going to do him one more. He said what I want you to do, see that lumber that's out there by the barn that's curing? I want you to take that lumber and build a fence between us that's eight feet high so I'll never have to see him or his farm again. The carpent ...

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