by Fred Lowery

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Balance and Boundaries (7 of 9)
Series: Tangled
Dr. Fred Lowery
2 Corinthians 3:17; Psalm 127:2; John 16:33; Ecclesiastes 4:4
May 23, 2010

You know some of the tangles happen because of what other people do to us. Most of our tangles happen because of what we do to ourselves. But we all get tangled don't we? About five years ago I had neck surgery and had this you know soft cast deal on my neck. And I'd been to a doctor's appointment and Leigh was my chauffer but on the way back into Bossier she wanted to stop at this one little store to get something for the grandkids, only a minute or two. Have you been there? And so she left me in the car. I told her I would be fine. So she left me in the car and it was a day much like yesterday. The car happened to be sitting facing the sun in this parking lot. And that sun started coming in and I started getting warm, and warmer, and warmer and I thought I need to let down the windows and crank this car up maybe. So I realized she had taken the keys. And so there was nothing I could do. So then I tried to unlock the door I was going to go in and get the keys from her. She had locked the door from the outside and the doors would not open. I was locked in. I checked all the windows to see if any windows had been let down just a little bit because you know even for dogs they crack the window's a little bit. But no, every window was to the top. So I'm getting a little concerned because I am seriously getting hot and hotter and so I pulled off my shirt and I hung it on the visor to try to block some of the sun. But it's not helping. I'm still getting hotter. So now I'm desperate because there's nothing I can do. Is started messing with the car and messing with the locks and then alarm went off. And I though now I'm going to get some help. Do you know what happens when your alarm is set off in a parking lot? Nothing, nothing. People will walk, drive right by you, walk never even look your way. So no ...

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