by Fred Lowery

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Tangled Finale(9 of 9)
Series: Tangled
Dr. Fred Lowery
Dr. Charles Lowery
Proverbs 3:5-6; Ephesians 4:22
June 6, 2010

We all have tangles and we are learning how to work through those tangles and in a practical way let me give you four things you can do with every tangle. First, place yourself under God's control. That's surrender. Trust and surrender are big things if you are going to work through your tangles. Trust God and surrender to His control. The second is personalize God's promises. God has a promise for every day of the week, He has a promise for every tangle that you have. All through the Bible you have promises you can claim. That's why it's important to know something about God's word, to read God's word so you can claim those promises. So surrender and then trust. The third is practice God's principles. That's action. Maybe you've been here every time we've talked about tangles and you've taken some notes, maybe you've read some books or you've gone to some seminars about tangles or how to work through the problems in your life. Nothing happens until you act. Until you engage, until you do something. So God has given divine principles but we have to act on those principles. The fourth thing is to pray for God's power. Because the bottom line is we can't handle our tangles on our own strength. We can't work them out with our wisdom and our self will, our own strength and energy. We have to depend upon God and so we pray for that power. And that has to do with our attitude. Believe that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. In reality most of our tangles can be traced back to the fact that we believe the lies of satan and what satan says about us and what satan says we can do rather than believing what God says about us and God says we can do. God says that you are His forgiven child and that you can have daily victory over sins, over tangles. That's what God says. God says you have the Holy Spirit who h ...

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