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Introduction: Revelation (1 of 9)
Series: Revelation
January 10, 2010
Gerald Branch

Key Words: Millennium; rapture; Olivet Discourse;

January 10, 2010

Introduction "What's this book about? Is it about time lines, and beasties, and really nasty things that are going to happen? What do you do?
Do you tremble in your boots, or not?…that's the gut-wrenching question"

Today, we're going to look at a couple things, and hopefully this will help
all of us put things into right perspective as we dig into God's Word,
from the book of Revelation.
One additional thing I might mention is this…
if you want to go DEEPER into this book,
I'm going to be using our Wednesday nights to do just that.
We'll be reviewing what we covered on Sundays,
but also will be expanding on what we covered as well.
So you might want to make plans to be with us
in the conference room each Wed. night at 6:30 p.m.
Now…As an outline of what we'll look at today, …we'll look at:
We'll also look at some terminologies
Millennium and the "-Isms"
Pretribulation Rapture
The Who…who is hearing and Who is speaking
The When
The To Whom Revelation was written
'How is the best way to' study this book, and 'what should guide us'
What are the 7 stars and the 7 golden lampstands?
Who or what is this whole book about?

FIRST,,,The "ISM-s"…let me get these out of the way…
we need just a little understanding of some of
the words that are used when studying the book of Revelation.
There's this word, Millennium…which refers to the 1000 year reign of Christ.
But that then opens up several other words which deal with
interpretative views of the End Times, or Eschatology …
There is term, "Post-Millenialism" or "POST-MIL" for short…
This simply means that Christ comes or returns physically AFTER
the 1000 year reign where He rules from Heaven.
Next, there's Ami ...

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