by Jerry Branch

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The Scene in Heaven and Around the Throne (3 of 9)
Series: Revelation
Gerald Branch
January 24, 2010

Even though this chapter is only 11 verses long, it is a wonderful picture of worship in Heaven.

As we move into chapter 4, we're at a point
where I need to point out an interpretation issue.
A few scholars have said for some years that
John wrote Revelation in between multiple heavenly visions.
There was even a series about John's Apocalypse on television (now that makes it true, doesn't it)…anyway,
there was a program on Revelation where this view was portrayed
as the 'way it was.'
But there is a problem with this.
For one, the text does NOT indicate it.
Therefore, to make such an interpretation shows that
this group of scholars has a 'low view' of the authority and inerrancy of Scripture. That's a problem for accurate interpretation.
And then there's the linguistic issue…the original language,
uses what is called the 'aorist active indicative' which
is not a 'stop with pauses and start up again' verb form…
it's what is called, an 'ongoing, punctiliar action',
which is important in accurate interpretation,
and it just doesn't show those kind of back-and-forth-between Patmos and Heave transitions were taking place.
So we should take these words, "after these things"
as sort of like chronological markers that help us
to not see Revelation as a blurred bunch of scenes.
Because they show us the different things that John was seeing,
and later on will show us God's different actions of
judging and redeeming and waging war.
One of these chronological markers John gets to see
will actually happen in the future…
and is indicated by the 'things which will take place'…
One other interpretive item that we should also note is that
there is no mention whatsoever of the church in Rev chapters 4 through 19.
That in itself is another 'proof' if you will, of the rap ...

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