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The Seven Sealed Book (5 of 9)
Series: Revelation
Gerald Branch
February 7, 2010
Revelation 5-6:8

The Seven sealed book,
The First Six Seals…
The 4 Horsemen…
The Fifth and Sixth Seals in 6:9-17.

We actually looked at this first part of this passage several weeks ago…back on Dec 27, so if you want to review the whole message, it is still on our Webcast page.
John draws our attention to a 'seven sealed book, which is really better translated as 'scroll', which was in the Right Hand of the One, God, Who is sitting on the throne.
To know what is in the scroll, once again, go back to the Old Testament. Take some time and read Daniel 12:8-9 and also read Rev. 10:7 with it.
This scroll in Chapter 5, is the same scroll that Daniel speaks of in Daniel 12:8-9, which is spoken of as the 'words which are concealed and sealed up until the end of time.
A couple things…first we have the problem that John in his humanness sees.
The problem is stated by the strong angel who says in verse 2, 'who is worthy to open the book and loose the seals?'
Hearing that, John weeps, because he's thinking there really is no one who can open this scroll because no one is worthy to do so. One of the elders responds to that, as we see.
The scroll, as I said back in Dec, is also tied to the redemption of the earth through God's plan.
Again, we need the Old Testament to help us clearly understand the 'why' and what of this.
In the Old Testament, God established in Leviticus 25:23,
that there would be a 'redeemer' for an Israelite who lost his land…
and according the Law of God, a 'kinsman redeemer' could redeem
that land at the redemption price written and sealed on a scroll,
but the scroll could only be opened by the kinsman redeemer.
So back to John who is weeping…now one of the elders says to him, stop your weeping (in v. 5)…because there is ONE Who is worthy!'
This One is Jesus, He is the Lamb who looked as though He was slain (v.6) …
Jesus, the sacri ...

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