by Ernest Easley

The Secret to God's Hand of Favor
Series: Foundations for Life
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Genesis 32

We come to chapter 32 in our study of the book of Genesis under the heading FOUNDATIONS FOR LIFE. Through this first book in the Bible .. God shows us how to build our lives and homes and relationships and yes, even our businesses on the kind of foundation that will withstand any storm.
The bible principles found in the book of Genesis are just as helpful and needful today as they were when God first gave them to Moses. And it's my hope that you're taking careful notes as you allow God to speak to you from His word.
Last time together we saw where Jacob was going off to school: the school of Hark Knocks. Now you say, "Pastor, why did God enroll Jacob into the school of Hark Knocks?" Well .. for the same reason He's enrolled some of you.
You see .. Jacob was a saved man. He had met the Lord personally back at Bethel. It was at Bethel where God became real to him. That's where Jacob met God for himself. And how I pray that you have a Bethel in your past too. That place where God became real to you. That place where you met God for yourself.
And do you remember how Jacob demonstrated his love for God after he had personally met Him? Genesis 28.22, " … and of all You give me I will surely give a tenth to You."
You see … Jacob was clearly a saved man. But listen up … though Jacob was a saved man .. he wasn't yet a surrendered man. What happened at Bethel changed his beliefs. But what we're about to discover is that what happened at a place called Jabbok changed his behavior.
His Bethel experience brought salvation in his life. His Jabbok experience brought surrender to his life. And both experiences took place during a crisis. The next time you find yourself in a crisis, remember this: God has a way of turning a crisis into an opportunity to mold us into men and women of God. Every crisis is an opportunity for God to do a work in your li ...

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