by Wayne Hinson

Roses Will Bloom Again
Wayne Hinson
Psalm 119: 81-88


I. The Darkness Of The Midnight Hour
A) When I Cannot Feel His Presence
B) When I Cannot Feel His Participation

II. The Deepness Of The Massive Hurt
A) My Enemies Have Smoked My Reputation
B) My Encounters Have Speeded My Death
C) My Entrapment Is Systematically Being Dug

III. The Dawning Of The Morning Hope
A) Help Is On The Way
B) Healing Is On The Wake
C) Happiness Is In TheWord

Intro: For those brethren who either want to deny or refuse to deal with the fact of depression, then I will highly recommend that they refrain from reading Psalm 119. This huge Psalm is packed full of moments in the life of David that are, without a doubt, midnight moments of depression. Whether it be mental depression that affects the spiritual man, or whether it be spiritual depression that affects the mental man, depression is real and no amount of denial by the spiritual elitists will make it disappear. There are times in the midnight hour, when one can get to the point that it seems that the roses will never bloom again. No doubt, that David's prior sins had come before him, and absolutely no doubt that his enemies were dogging his every step, but even in this dark hour of the winter time of depression, David's relationship with his God remained in tact and was very strong, and eventually would lead him out of this dark and dismal midnight hour. This message is from the heart of one preacher that has been there, and in reality, is still there. Shame on any hyper spiritual legalist who would dare imply or say that this state is a sin, or a spiritual weakness. Most of those that believe this way, are the very ones that inflict more pain on the wounded, and tend to kick a man when he is down. God's army remains as the only army in history that will shoot it's own wounded. Love and compassion for the brethren has vacated the ranks of most preachers today.

I. The Darkness Of The Midnight Ho ...

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