LAUGH/PSALM 139 (2 OF 3)

by Duane Bemis

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Laugh/Psalm 139 (2 of 3)
Series: Death-A Part of Life
Duane Bemis

Let me share with you another important component about this healing process. This time I give you permission to laugh. Yes, Laughing is part of God's healing plan to overcome the sting on death.
Story Time: A father had lost his son in a car accident and he was broken and downcast. The son had died on the father's birthday. I asked him to share with me about his son. I asked him to share something funny about him. The man thought for a moment and then with a sparkle in his eye he began to tell me about how his son and he would play hide and seek in the house. The man soon began to laugh as he recalled this funny event. I saw that this is another of God's tools for healing. Laughing is a great medicine for the hurting heart. God knows what He is doing. So I give you permission to recall the funny memories since those memories celebrate life. Did you hear that? Laughing celebrates life not death.
In my situation I want you to understand that as I kept silent all those memories lay dormant inside of my overwhelmed heart. God has designed us to recall these funny memories as another form of release so we can heal. In the releasing of those memories you will remember and celebrate life. Those memories will not be forgotten but enjoyed every time you think about them.
When you start thinking about some of the funny things in life you are celebrating the life and not mourning the loss.
Story Time Again: Recently our deacon of our church died. Now, he and his wife had preached in prison Tuesday night and Wednesday was his 70th Birthday. Wednesday afternoon the Pastor asked him to preach and he agreed. Brother Ishmael Bhil and his wife Julia began worship and then after a few songs he put his guitar down and collapsed. The church called the ambulance and by the time they arrived he was able to stand to his feet and get onto the gurney. He was even talking to everyone as they ushered him away. Onc ...

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