by John Barnett

Walk through the New Testament
Series: A Jet Tour Overview - Part Two
John Barnett
Acts to 1st Thessalonians

As we begin our overview of the New Testament tonight let's first step back and see the big picture. Someone has written an:


The Bible is like a majestic palace constructed with precious oriental stone comprising 66 stately chambers, each an individual room, yet a part of the whole ediface: incomprehensible, majestic, glorious and sublime.

As we go into the vestibule, the book of Genesis, and find recorded the mighty works of God in creation this vestibule, has access to the law courts. Which, when passing thru come to the picture gallery of the historical books in which hung wall scenes, battles, portraits of men of valor. Battles and valiant heros line the walls.

On to the philosophers chamber Job. Then into the music room (Psalms) where we linger to hear the grandest harmonies ever that fell on human ears. Pressing on into the business office of Proverbs where very center hangs the motto "Righteousness exalts a nation", sin reproach any people. Then, the research department Ecclessiastes, into the conservatory of Song of Solomon where the fragrant aroma of the sweetest fruits and flowers and sweetest songs of birds greet us.

On to the observatory where we find prophets busy with strong telescopes looking for the appearing of the bright and morning star, the Son of Righteousness.

Walking across we enter the audience chamber of the King, the Gospels, where hang four lifelike portraits of the King himself in the perfections of His Beauty.

On to the workroom of the Holy Spirit - Acts, then into the correspondence room where we find Peter, James, John, Paul and Jude bending busy over their writing tables under the supervision of Holy Spirit of truth.

Finally into the throne room where echo the grandest praise and honor to the King enthroned fills vast chambers with portraits of solemn sce ...

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